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(abstr. of dastyor); help.
(caus. of yori-); to light up; to elucidate, to describe, to illustrate.
yorit-  v.t.
(land) surveyor.
zemlemer  (Russian)
(pass. of yor-); to burst, to explode; to spill one's guts.
yoril-  v.i.
~ poezd express train. ~ pomoshch ambulance (s. tez yordam).
skoriy  (Russian)
~ yoril- to split in half, to burst. boshi(m) ~ yorilib/~ yorilib ketguday bo'ldi or yuragi ~ yorilib ketay deyapti to have one's heart feel ready to burst. ~-~ yoril- to burst split into pieces.
tors  ono.
~ yormasi semolina. ~ bo'tqa hot cereal made from semolina.??
manniy  (Russian)
~si yoril- to be frightened nearly to death.
abstr. of aktyor; acting.
abstr. of akushyor; obstetrics, midwifery.
abstr. of ayyor; craftiness, wiliness.
abstr. of ~ qil- to work as a conductor.
abstr. of shaxtyor.
abstr. of suflyor.
bile, gall; gall bladder. ~i yorildi to be scared nearly to death.
o't 3  
blade; barrel (of gun). (dami) ~dan o'tkaz- to decimate, to annihilate. ~ tekiz-/~ ko'tar-/qo'lga ~ ol- to arm o.s. saraton ~i ray, beam of the sun. tong ~ urdi/tortdi/ yoydi/yordi to have the sun's rays strike.
tig'  (Persian)
booth. suflyor ~si the prompterís booth on a stage.
budka  (Russian)
bursting or popping sound. tilni ~ yoradi incredibly sweet.
tars  ono.
cereal, groats (s. yorma).
krupa  (Russian)
conveyor; carrier.
transporter  (Russian)
driving license (= shofyorlik ~si).
pravo  (Russian)
each, every, all. ~ bir each. ~ ikki each two, both. ~ ikki tomon both sides. ~ kim each person, everyone. ~ vaqt/~ gal every time. ~ doim always, all the time. ~ yoqlama/~ yoqlamalik thoroughness. ~ tomonlama yordam every possible kind of aid. ~ to'g'rida about everything. ~ xil/~ xillik variety, diversity, heterogeneity. ~ xil tushunish mumkin It can be understood in different ways. ~ yerda/~ zamon all the time. ~ nima/~ holda apparently, probably. ~ qalay apparently, probably; in any case. ~ qayerda everywhere, every which where. ~ qaysi each. ~ qanaqa/~ qancha however much. ~ qachon always.
har  (Persian)
face; surface; side; blade; sense of shame, compunction. qatiqning ~i the creamy layer on the surface of yoghurt. yer ~i the Earths' surface; the face of the Earth. ~i yorug' beaming (countenance). ~i issiq warm, friendly. ~i yo'q having no shame. ~i qora shamefaced. ~ ber- to occur, to take place. ~ ko'rar ceremony of meeting the bride the day after the wedding. ~ ko'rmas bo'lib ket- to cease to be on speaking terms. ~(ini) ko'rma- not to see (s.t. or s.o.). ~ tut- to head off (towards). ~i chidamadi/~ o'gir- to turn away. ~(iga) ayt- to say to one's face. ~iga bor-/~(i)ga sol- to say right to one's face. ~ingda ko'zing bormi demay, ... unashamedly, w/o compunction. ~idan o'tolmaslik to be afraid to say no to. qaysi ~ bilan How can (s.o.) have the gall/nerve to...?, How can one be so shameless as to...? ~iga qon/~iga oyoq qo'y- to defy, to fly in the face of.
yuz 1  
firewood. ~ yor- to chop firewood.
flow, current, stream; movement. issiq ~ warm current. yorug'lik ~i beam of light. havo ~i flow of air. siyosiy ~ political movement. ~ga qarshi yur- to go against the flow. gapning ~i the drift of the conversation.
forehead; fate, destiny; one's wordly possessions. ~ bog'lab ishga kirish- to gird one's loins and set to s.t. ~sini sila- to pat on the head; to take under one's wing. ~mdan ko'rdim Come what may!; That's fate. ~siga sig'madi to be made bereft of. ~si yorug' fortunate, blessed. ~ teri the sweat of one's brow. ~ teri to'k- to toil. ~si sho'r/sho'r ~ unlucky, unfortunate. ~si devorga tegdi to regret one's mistake. ~si ochildi to have a fortunate turn of fate, to take a turn for the better.
peshana  (Persian)
general. ~-gubernator governor-general. ~-leytenant lieutenant general. ~-mayor major general. ~-polkovnik colonel general??
general 1  (Russian)
gracious, not demanding thanks. dastyori ~ helper who does not ask for gratitude (said of children). minnatli oshdan ~ musht yakhshi Itís better to have a free punch in the face than a meal where youíre obliged to give thanks. (proverb).
beminnat  (Persian)
hair, whisker, bristle. ~ qalam writing brush. ~ ko'prik bridge of a hair's breadth which one must cross to get to Paradise (s. oralaridan ~ (ham) o'tmaydi close as two peas in a pod. ~(ning) ustida on a cliff edge. ~ni qirq yor- to go through with a fine-toothed comb; to interpret (the shari'ah) as one pleases. ~day a hair's breadth, very narrow; very little.
heart; insides, stomach. ~ o'ynog'i irregular hearbeat. ~i o'ynaydi to have one's heart flutter. ~i taka-puka apprehensive. ~i tor selfish, greedy. ~i tosh cold-hearted. ~i qora or qora ~ wicked, evil, cold. ~i betlamadi/~i orqasiga tortib ketdi to be scared out of one's wits. ~i tutday to'kildi to grieve greatly. ~i chopmadi not to have enough courage. ~i qon bo'ldi to have one's heart fill with woe. ~ida kiri yo'q pure of heart. chin ~dan sincerely. ~ini changalla- to clutch one's heart. ~ og'irig'i hearburn; indecisive, wishy-washy, afraid. ~i yorildi/~i qinidan chiqayozdi to have one's heart leap into one's throat. ~i yo'q impatient; cowardly. ~ yutib to swallow one's fears. ~iga qil (ham) sig'maydi upset, worried. ~ini yor- to frighten out of one's wits.
just at, right on, exactly. ~ ikkiga bo'l- to divide right in two. ~ yarim kechada right at midnight. ~ yoril- to split right open.
qoq 2  
label (s. yorliq).
etiketka  (Russian)
land surveyor (who uses a tanob).
lesson, class. ~ ber- to teach class. ~ ol- to take a class. ~ tayyorla- to prepare for class, to study. ~ kitobi textbook.
dars  (Arabic)
near, close; nearly. ~ o'rtada/o'zini (birovga) ~ ol-/birovni o'ziga ~ ko'r- to consider s.o. a friend. ~da recently; in the near future; nearby. ~dagi the one nearby; the recent one. ~dan since recently. ~dan yordam/~iga bor- to go near, to go up to. ~ida next to, nearby. ~idan o't- to pass by, near to.
neck. ~ eg-/~ yo'g'on bully, tough. ~ ber- to give in, give up. ~ yor bermadi to not give in, not surrender; to not subject o.s.; to consider s.t. too low to do. ~ sun- s. ~ tovla-/~ qo'y- to apply o.s., put o.s. to work. ~ga minib ol- to bridle, control, domineer; to take advantage of, be a parasite to, live off of. ~iga osil- to cling to s.o., hang on s.o.ís neck. ~iga tush- to become oneís responsibility, to fall to s.o. to do.; to be placed firmly on oneís neck (blame). ~iga qo'y- to put on s.o.ís shoulders (blame, responsibility). ~ida on oneís shoulders (blame, responsibility).
bo'yin 1  3pp. bo'yni
one who cuts firewood into cords; land surveyor.
own; self. ~ uyim my own house. ~im myself. ~ boshiga by himself. ~ so'zli resolute, steadfast, immovable. ~-~iga to oneself. ~-~idan by itself. ~-~idan ma'lum self-evident. ~-~icha (de-) (to say) to o.s. ~iga kel- to come to o.s. again, to pull o.s. together, to be one's old self again; to understand a problem correctly. ~iga ol- to take offense at. ~iga-~i qil- to do s.t. to o.s. ~ida yo'q extremely, out of one's head with (e.g., happiness). ~idan ket- to pass out. ~ingizdan o'tar gap yo'q There's nothing that you don't know about. ~ini-~i eb qo'y- toe eaten up (by grief, etc.). ~ini qo'lga ol- to get control of o.s. ~ qo'li bilan by his own hands. ~ingiz bilasiz It's up to you., As you like. ~ini bos-/~ini yo'qotib qo'y- to lose control of o.s., to lose one's head. ~icha just like it is, just the way it was; in one's own way; on one's own, for no reason. nega kelding? -~im Why did you come? - No special reason. bu nima ~i? What is this thing? ~i nima gap? What is the matter/story? o'sha kunning ~ida that very day. ~ ixtiyori It's up to him.
pay desk or office; ticket-window; fund; cash. omonat ~si savings fund. o'zaro yordam ~si mutual aid fund. ~ daftari cash book.
kassa  (Russian)
planet (s. sayyora).
planeta  (Russian)
printed; (arch.) printing, edition; pressed; blotter. ~ harf printed (typeface). tosh ~ lithograph. ~ga tayyorlash to ready for printing.
bosma 1  
quick, quickly, fast; quick-tempered ~ kunda coming soon. ~kunda/fe'li ~ hot-tempered. zehni ~ quick-witted. ~ yordam first aid; ambulance.
tez  (Persian)
royal food-taster and cup bearer; chef, cook. tayyor oshga ~ freeloader.
bakovul  hist.
s. ayyorgarlik.
s. ayyorona.
s. ayyorona.
s. shaxtyor.
shaxtachi  coll.
s. shofyor.
shopir  coll. (Russian)
service, work; help, aid; duty; function. ~ haqi wages, pay. ~ingizga tayyorman I'm at your service. ~ ko'rsatgan honored (for service). ~ ko'rsat- to serve. ~da/~ingizda bo'laylik Please come and be our guest. ~ joyi place of work. ~ muddati period of service. ~ varaqasi office memorandum. ~ vaqti working hours, office hours. ~ga ol- to hire. ~dan bo'shat- to fire. ~dan chetlashtir- to relieve of one's duties. bunga ancha ~im singan I have spent a lot of work on this. (nima) ~? What can I do for you? ~ga tuhmat ungratefulness. ~ qil- to serve, to work, to be of service.
xizmat  (Arabic)
song sung when giving away a bride in which each line ends in "yor-yor".
yor-yor  ethn.
sore, cut, wound; (emotional) ache. ~ ustiga chipqon misfortune on top of misfortune. ~sini yor- to pour out one's grievances. ~si yengil easy, no problem.
spoon. yomondan yorti ~ said to one who eats all but a little of his food. bir ~ suv bilan yutsa bo'ladigan fine, nice, delicate.
spur (on a male bird's foot). ~i qayrilgan or ~(ini) yorgan jaded, worldly, devious.
pix 1  
the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. ~ qomat upright, attractive build. ~ni kaltak deyolmaydi or qornini yorsang, ~ chiqmaydi completely uneducated.
alif 1  (Arabic)
to brighten; to shine (dawn); to flourish, to prosper, to flower. ko'zi ~di to (come to) know; to have a baby. ichiga chiroq yoqsa ~maydi extremely dejected. [yorit-, yoritil-]
yori-  v.i.
to cleave, to split, to hew, to crack. tilni ~adi to melt in one's mouth, to be extremely sweet or good-tasting. tish ~ibdi to have teeth come in. yurakni ~- to startle, to frighten greatly. [yordir-]
yor-  v.t.
to come to one's senses; to become circumspect, to become seasoned, practiced; to sober up. [hushyorlantir-]
hushyorlan-  v.i.
to corral; to divide into herds; to be surrounded by rings (sun, moon). kun ~sa kuragingni, oy ~sa oftobchuvog'ingni tayyorla If the moon has rings around it, it will snow, if the sun has rings around it, sunny weather will be here.
qo'tonla-  v.t.
to forgive (s. yorlaqa-).
yallaqa-  coll. v.i.
to forgive (s. yorlaqa-).
yarlaqa-  v.t.
to pass (by, through, over, from, to), to go through; to pass by, to go by, to be over (time); to move (to, on), to go, to transfer; to travel; to cut through (knife); to cross; to surpass, to exceed; to be felt, to affect, to influence, to hurt; (+yorib ~- to split through. yog'ib ~- to rain and then pass on. kechib ~- to pass through. kirib ~- to stop by. ko'rib ~- to take a look at, to look through. Esiga solib ~- to remind (in passing). to'xta(li)b ~- to pause on, to discuss. uchib ~- to fly through or by. uqdirib ~- to emphasize. ko'z yumib ~- to close one's eyes (for s.t.). qayd Etib ~- to mention, to point out. qochib ~- to run off to, to escape to. olamdan ~- to pass away, to die. jon-jonidan ~- to hurt deeply. birovning qo'lidan ~- to pass out of one's hands, to no longer be in one's control. bir qoshiq qonidan ~- to pardon, to spare the life of. inobatga ~- to be worthy of notice. kuni ~adi to get by. ko'zi ~maydi His eyes cannot see (well). nomeri ~madi His trick didn't work. yuzidan ~- to be disrespectful of. o'zingizdan ~ar gap yo'q You know all there is to know. chuv ~maydigan plashchh waterproof raincoat. nur ~maydigan muhit medium impervious to light. ~gan yil last year. ~gan kuni the other day. 19-yanvarga ~ar kechasi the night of January 18th. boshqa ishga ~ish munosabati bilan on the occasion of transferring to another job. gapdan ishga ~- to switch from talk to action. fikrim ~di my idea was accepted. undan go'sht ~maydi He can't digest meat. ~maydigan mol goods which do not sell well. uning ota-bobosi ham ishchi ~gan His ancestors were also laborers. mendan ~di It was my fault. unga hech gap ~di Nothing you say to him has any effect. sendan kaltak ham ~maydi Even hitting has no effect on you. mendan unga yuz so'm ~di He borrowed 100 soum from me. ~maydigan pul invalid money. ~inglar! Come visit! bunisi ~ib tushdi That went well. undan ~ar kishi yo'q No one surpasses him. [o'til-, o'tkaz-, o'tkazil-, o'tkazish-o'tkiz-, o'tkizil-, o'tkizish-, o'tqiz-, o'tqizdir-, o'tqizil-, o'tqizish-]
o't-  v.i., v.t.
to prepare. [tayyorlan-, tayyorlanil-, tayyorlat-, tayyorlattir-, tayyorlash-]
tayyorla-  v.t.
to put, to place; to stop, to give up; to put aside; to leave be, to let alone, to let do; to let go, to leave; to install, to fix; to apply, to put on; (after V+(eb ~- to eat up; yozib ~- to write down; (after V+kelmay ~di He stopped coming; mendan hech kim xabar olmay ~di No one asks about me anymore; aytmay ~a qol Don't bother saying it; telefon qilmay ~a qolaylik Let's not bother calling. ~ing shu gaplarni! Stop saying that stuff! ~sang-chi! Come on! chekishni ~- to stop smoking. ~asanmi, ~maysanmi? Are you going to stop or not? bugungi ishlarni Ertaga ~ma Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. yo'q desam ham ~maydi He doesn't leave off even when I say no. kim ~ibdi who let him...?, what business does he have...? uylanishni unga kim ~ibdi? What business does he have getting married? ~ib yubor- to let go. mayliga ~- to leave it up to s.o. xotin ~- to get rid of a wife. Ekinlarga suv ~- to irrigate crops. ovga qush ~- to set a falcon onto prey. tish ~- to grow a tooth. soqol ~- to grow a beard. Eshik ~- to install a door. narx ~- to fix a price. diagnoz ~- to give a diagnosis. og'ir ahvolga solib ~- to put into a bad situation. tarsaki ~- to slap. kino ~- to show a film. usma ~- to apply ot ~- to name. og'iz ochgani ~maydi He doesn't let you open your mouth. o'ziga ~ib ber- Let him do it. ~may or ~arda ~may doggedly, tenaciously, not taking no for an answer. bir qatorga ~- to consider equals. o'zini qaerga ~ishni bilmay or o'zini ~gani joy topolmay frantically. [qo'ydir-, qo'yil-, qo'yish-]
qo'y-  v.t.
tongue; language; prisoner taken to get intelligence from; needle, dial arm, clapper, etc. (of mechanical device); secrets, ins and outs. ~ bilimi linguistics. ~i bormaydi can't bring himself to say (s.t.). ~i kel(ish)maydi can't pronounce, can't manage to say. ~ tegiz- to speak ill of. ~i chiqdi to begin speaking. ~i qichidi to get the urge to speak. ~ga kir-/~ga ol- to mention. ~idan gulla- to blabber. ~idan ilin- to let the cat out of the bag. ~idan tushirmaslik/~dan qol- to lose one's ability to speak. ~i bir unanimous, agreed. ~i uzun bold, brazen, forward (in talk). ~i qisiq/~ uchida perfunctorily. ~ biriktir- to agree on, to come to an arrangement with. ~ top-/~ tortmay/~ni yoradi ('tongue-splittingly') sweet. ~ini tishla(b qol)- to bite one's tongue; to keep silent; to regret. ~ini qayra- to spread rumors about, to gossip about. ~imning uchida turibdi It's on the tip of my tongue.
tooth, teeth. ~ yor- to have teeth come in. +da ~ chiqqan to grow up doing. ~i o'tadi to get one's teeth into, to comprehend. birovga (qarshi) ~ qayra- to carry a grudge or plot revenge against s.o. ~ning kavagiga/~ining oqini ko'rsat- to grin. ~ini-~iga qo'y- to grit one's teeth, to put up with s.t. ~ doktori dentist. ~ kavlagich toothpick. ~ poroshogi tooth powder. ~ cho'tkasi toothbrush. ~ ol-/~ qo'ydir-/soldir- to have false teeth made.
tish 1  
union (esp. w/oneís beloved). ~ini ko'rsat- to show oneís face. yor ~iga yetish-/Erish- to become united with oneís beloved.
vasl  lit. (Arabic)
v.n. of ~ yordam emergency aid. ~ ravishda urgently, hastily.
v.n. of tayyorla-; preparation(s).
v.n. of tayyorla-; preparations; preparatory; readiness; readying, making ready.
v.n. of tayyorla-; preparer; procurer.
whatever; however possible; no matter how much; however much; all, completely; any sort, any. shu ham ~ [i to xleb]. bir oz yordam bersang ham ~-da It would be nice if you could lend a hand. uyga ~ tezroq borganim The faster I get home, the better. ~ boringni ber Give whatever you have.
winter hat. ~ ol desa, bosh ol- to go to extremes in punishing s.o. (better expr.??)
bo'rk  arch.